One Sunday, my children and I sat around the kitchen table having our Sunday Brunch & Bible Study. Although our church has started back in-person service, we have not yet returned. One reason is that there are some clear things God is cultivating in my home during our Sunday time together and I know it is still being developed.

This Sunday while we were sitting a the table, I decided to play a game I sort of made up called, “What’s Their Favorite Food.” We each had to guess the favorite food of someone else at the table. It was fun to see how much all the kids know about each other and how much my husband and I know about them. Then it was my turn,

“What’s Mommy’s Favorite food?” One of the older children asked.

“I know,” said my 8-year-old.

“Salad!” She said excitedly and matter-of-factly.

“Ummm. Why do you say salad?” I said with a giggle.

“Because you’re always putting salad stuff on your food.” She replied.

She was right.

My plate always has more green on it than anyone else. However, salad is not my favorite food. Pizza, Sushi, and Okra are (I know…some of you are like Rachel, what is wrong with you? But it’s true.)

Although she was incorrect about it being my favorite food, it showed me that she is very observant about what I eat. In the end, we all laughed and began our bible study.

Sounds like a perfect ending, but let me quickly tell you what happened before that beautiful moment.

Right before that, I had frustratingly stormed into my husband’s office to get away from everyone.

My teenager who decided that instead of getting ready for our Sunday morning he wanted to ask random non-relevant questions.

My three younger children were putting coats on trying to go outside and do a paint sale; in 9-degree weather.

My husband mysteriously disappeared in the middle of me trying to cook brunch and constantly remind the kids of what we do on Sundays.

Basically, no one was even trying to get ready for our Bible Study.

I had enough. With muffins in the oven, I was over it. We had milk, we had cereal, and they would be fine. Hopefully, someone would pull the muffins out of the oven (they did by the way).

As I closed the door to my husband’s office, the only place where comfort and silence could be found at the moment, I sat trying to figure out why every Sunday was like a war zone. Hearing my husband take the initiative outside the door to get the day back on track did not change my desire to give up.

In the past, I would have phoned a friend. Sent a frustrated video message. Complained to my husband or simply let the day go by without doing the bible study. Don’t get me wrong, depending on the situation I may still do some of these things from time to time. However, at that moment, what I needed was to take spiritual authority back.

Holding back tears of utter frustration from the months of resistance I had endured, I reminded myself of what God was requiring of me. Although I felt the resistance I knew He could help me be more Resilient. More Patient. More like Him. I just have to be willing to endure the rough part.

When I returned to the kitchen and we began our study, Psalms 127:3-5 were the verses we were led to discuss. Here’s what they say:

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.”

I couldn’t help but smile at God’s gentle way of reminding me to stay Focused.

Can I tell you this? Your rough part may not be a Sunday morning brunch breakdown. It may be a difficult person at your job, a dishonest spouse, a lack of income, or an uncertain future for a loved one. Whatever your rough part is, there is something bigger on the other side of it. I can assure you of that.

It’s bigger than this moment and this mountain. Stay in the Race. I am praying for you and with you!

Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott




Rachel is a wife and a mother, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs. As the Founder of the I Can’t Come Down movement, an organization dedicated to helping women walk in their purpose and assignment with focus, she is a former Huffington post contributor and current Youversion and Moody Radio Cleveland Partner. She is also part of The Well Communicators a faith-based speaking team.

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections.

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