“…And he went out and wept bitterly”

Matthew 26:75

There is something beautiful about entering the spring season. Upon its arrival, we are met with moments of reflection, anticipation, and reminders of present potential and future promises. From the fresh crisp air coupled with the opportunity to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, this season is filled with abundance and hope.

Yet, I have found that if I am not careful, guilt and regret may try to become companions of my new season.

Wishing I would have done more ‘indoor’ activities with my children or spouse to facilitate family unity.

Wondering what would have happened if I’d gotten on the treadmill or elliptical (my least favorite exercise machine of all times) just a few more times over the winter.

Obsessing over what I should have done to draw closer to God during Lent, Good Friday, or Easter.

It is not uncommon for us to think about things we could have or should have done differently during past moments and begin to fall into regret. However, if we are not careful, our reflections can become our regressions.

Peter, a disciple of Jesus, was likely met with a similar choice. After being told that he would deny Jesus 3 times by the time the rooster crowed, then hearing the rooster crow and realizing that he had done just that, we see Peter full of regret and a multitude of emotions in Matthew 26:75 where it says, “…And he went out and wept bitterly.”

In a moment of frantic, Peter not only denied being with Jesus but took it a step further and denied even knowing Jesus. After experiencing so many amazing miracles and encounters while being led by Jesus, Peter, in order to preserve his own life, denied Jesus’ existence in it.

Fear infringed on his faithfulness.

But He didn’t stay in that place. I love how Jesus constantly shows us that our decisions are not always indicators of our destiny. Shortly after Peter denied Jesus, we see in scripture that Jesus extends to him a reset (John 21:15-17) asking Peter 3 times to feed his sheep, which are those of us that are Jesus’ children. These passages of scripture reveals the power and possibility available as we choose to go from regret to reset.

In next week’s email I will share 3 ways we can go from Regret to Reset, but until then, tell me in the blog comments how you have been embracing God’s divine invitation to reset in this season.