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It's Time to Regain your Focus

A 4-Day Study of the Book of Nehemiah and Completing your assignment With God

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Although distractions are constantly pulling for our attention, time, emotions, and focus, focus is a gift that we have been given and can be accessed at any time.

In this devotional, we will discuss the impact of distractions on fulfilling our assignments and take a look at how Nehemiah handled the people and situations that were trying to hinder the work he was called to complete.

Quick Look:

Distractions are constantly pulling for our attention, time, emotions, and focus. I have certainly not perfected the art of not being distracted, but I am learning to become more aware of ways I get distracted so that I can begin to overcome distractions much more quickly—things such as sudden unexpected news, social media, an unclean house, last-minute changes, and more. These things tend to move me from a place of peace to overwhelmed, and when that happens, I lose focus.

It is then that I have to be reminded that God is in control, so I don’t have to be. I can focus on what He is requiring of me right in that moment rather than the distraction. Sometimes I am able to refocus myself, and other times I need help from people who truly love me and will walk with me through the process of refocusing. That doesn’t mean I am not strong. It means I know how to lean into heaven’s resources and relationships when needed.

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