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Overcome the #1 Roadblock to Reaching Your Goals

A 4-Day Study of the Book of Nehemiah to help you recognize and overcome distractions.

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Distractions are constantly pulling for our attention, time, emotions, and focus.

In this devotional, we will discuss the impact of distractions on fulfilling our assignments and take a look at how Nehemiah handled the people and situations that were trying to hinder the work he was called to complete.

Quick Look:

Over the years I have accomplished many amazing things. But I believe they are still minimal in comparison to what I know I could have accomplished had I not let every little life-altering event (that God proved to have under control time and time again) distract me. I can’t tell you how many times I have talked with my husband or best friend about something going seemingly wrong in the midst of me working on an important task or project, and either my husband or my best friend would remind me, “Rachel, you are getting distracted. Stay focused”—especially in the last year.

My three greatest distractions always seemed to be situations, people, and enemies. Some of the challenges I encountered were life-altering at times, and other times purely distractions. Some distractions were people who I once considered friends but whose motives were later revealed, and I had to determine how to move forward regarding the relationship. More obvious distractions were enemies who were working against my assignment as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and child of God.

It was in dealing with these diverse distractions that I began to understand the value of focus and to see the impact of losing it.

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