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It's Time to Take the Leap

Exploring 5 Ways to Take a Leap of Faith and Move Confidently Into Your Calling

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Have you ever had a strong nudge to make a major transition but felt consumed by nervousness, concern, and uncertainty? If so, this devotional is for you. In this devotional, we will discuss 5 ways you can confidently take the leap of faith God is calling you into while still exercising total obedience to his will.

Quick Look:

One day as I was teaching my writer’s course, I listened as a student shared how she had been feeling a strong nudging to transition from her career into her calling as a writer. I watched her intensely as she explained what led her to this moment of awareness. As she talked, I could see the excitement, nervousness, concern, and uncertainty that accompanied her words.

I knew very well the emotions and thoughts that she carried, because that had been me about two years prior. I ran from the nudging for a couple years until I could no longer find peace or calm. Obedience was my only escape.

After our discussion that day, I continued to think about her. The look on her face, the concern in her voice, the tug on her heart… and I asked God one simple question, “Is there only one way to go from a career to a calling?”

It was at that moment that He began to download to me Five ways that He has led people to transition from their career into their calling, and I am excited to share them with you.

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