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You Don't have to be Perfect to Walk in Purpose

A 4-Day Study of the Book of Nehemiah and Completing your assignment With God

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In this devotional, we will walk through what it takes to fulfill your assignment so that you can accomplish the greater purpose to which you have been created

Quick Look:

There comes a time in our journey of walking in our assignment when we have to make a decision. We have to decide if the opposition is going to be an opportunity or an excuse. The mere presence of opposition against your assignment is an indication that you are moving in the right direction. The root word of “opposition” is “opposite,” and if you are moving forward, opposition is trying to pull you backward.

If you are experiencing opposition in the rebuilding, then you are not alone.

When we have been called to build and rebuild, there will be opposition to the process. If we fix our attention on the opposition, then we will miss the opportunity.

We don’t always want to find out how strong we are. Many times we would rather just know that we have untapped strength and not actually have to use it. That is fair, but when it comes to our assignments, they have to be guarded. That will require boldness and strength.

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