Looking for Some Encouragement?

The devotionals below were uniquely created to provide you with encouragement and motivation to walk in your Purpose and Assignment with Focus and Greater Determination. Visit YouVersion Bible App to start a plan today!

Lord Please! Send Someone Else

Moses spends a chapter and a half in the book of Exodus trying to convince God that he was not the man for the job. With excuse after excuse, Moses made every effort to get out of God’s request to help set His people free. Throughout this devotional, we, like Moses, will learn to move toward the missions God has given us even when we are not motivated.

Are You Sharpen-Able

No one likes to be told areas where they could improve, especially when there have been times that someone gave “crushing criticism” masked as “constructive criticism.” In this devotional, we will learn the value and purpose of sharpening so that we can deliver and receive it well as we rise to God’s standard of living.

Taking the Leap

Have you ever had a strong nudge to make a major transition but felt consumed by nervousness, concern, and uncertainty? If so, this devotional is for you. In this devotional, we will discuss 5 ways you can confidently take the leap of faith God is calling you into while still exercising total obedience to his will.

Walking in Your Purpose and Assignment with Focus

There comes a time in our journey of walking in our assignment when we have to make a decision. We have to decide if the opposition is going to be an opportunity or an excuse. In this devotional, we will walk through what it takes to fulfill your assignment so that you can accomplish the greater purpose to which you have been created.

Rebuilding the Wall: Walking in your Assignment

What is your assignment? Once we understand THE purpose, we must learn how it looks to fulfill it daily through our assignments. Nehemiah was a cup-bearer, so why was he building a wall? This devotional will help you gain a better understanding of the difference between THE purpose and your assignment and how we can be an active participant in the work God wants to fulfill on the earth.

Committing to the Work: Being Dedicated and Committed to the Assignment

We can have all the potential in the world to do something, but if we have not dedicated ourselves to doing it, then it will not happen. In this devotional, we will discuss the importance of being committed to the assignment God has given us and how Nehemiah displayed this during when challenges arise.

It's Harvest Time: Walking in your Purpose and Calling as a Kingdom Harvester

In a time where we are confronted with fear, loss, anxiety, stress, lies, uncertainty, sickness, and more, many people are seeking ways to find true joy, peace, safety, and comfort. We, the harvesters, get to participate in God being glorified in the darkest of days. Let’s learn how to present a dying and lost world to a living Savior. This time is a setup for salvation if we seize it.

The Missing Link: From Fear to Courage

Many followers of Christ are aware that we have access to walking in courage, but we are often gripped by fear and timidity. In this devotional, we will identify how we can overcome fear and access courage with the help of God.

According to His Riches in Glory

Philippians 4:19 reveals so much about the nature of God in just a few words. In this devotional, we explore how our lives are transformed daily as we experience and become His presence on display.

Uncomplicating Prayer: Removing the Barrier and Simplifying the Conversaton betwen you and God

“What things have you learned about prayer that feel like barriers to your prayer life?” In this devotional we will learn a key tool to having deeper and more frequent conversations with our heavenly father.

Focusing Forward: Recognizing and Overcoming Distraction

Distractions are constantly pulling for our attention, time, emotions, and focus. In this devotional, we will discuss the impact of distractions on fulfilling our assignments and take a look at how Nehemiah handled the people and situations that were trying to hinder the work he was called to complete.

Moving Beyond Fear into Favor: Walking in Your Purpose

The word PURPOSE has become so common that it is no longer understood. In this study of Nehemiah Chapter 2 we will discuss the idea of purpose in a unique and uncommon way that will bring clarity and understanding to living a life of purpose.

Vision: Pictures Say 1000 Words

Do you have a vision but you’re not quite sure what to do with it? The fulfillment of a calling starts with clarity of the Vision. In this devotional, we will dive into Nehemiah Chapter 1 and look at the difference between a dream and a vision and how Nehemiah modeled what it looks like for us to steward the vision God gives us on this earth.

The Influencers Responsibility

On the other side of the likes, subscribers, and hashtags are real people in need of real direction. Having followers is only significant if we are leading them to Truth and helping them flourish in their assignment. Let’s learn how to steward our influence no matter how big or how small it may be.

The Missing Link: From Doubt to Hope

There is no shortage of sermons, books, videos, you name it, that provides us with tools to trust God ‘more’ and doubting ‘less.’ But what do you do when your head knowledge is not transforming the comfort you need in your heart to have hope instead of doubt? This devotional will provide you with the tool you may be missing to go from doubt to hope.