Did you know that as the need for God’s people to show up increases, the enemy is getting craftier in the obstacles he is presenting to hinder us. If that is where you have found yourself, can I tell you, “you are not alone.

The enemy is working overtime in this season to keep God’s people in the Posture of Pause. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when a holy pause is a good thing. Especially, during overly busy seasons. However, for many of us, the posture of pause has led us to be immobile in the God things.

What is the Posture of Pause? It’s a phrase that God gave me that combines,

Posture-state or condition at a given time especially with respect to capability in particular circumstances


Pause-temporary inaction especially as caused by uncertainty

In short, it is when the enemy has convinced us to be immobile in the area of our assignment.

The question becomes, how do we go from the posture of pause to the Pathway of Purpose?

Glad you asked!

Here are 3 Next Steps that you can take today to move out of the posture of pause and onto the Pathway of Purpose.

1.) First, I encourage you to read the It’s Harvest Time Youversion Devotional. I wrote this so that you will have a better understanding of why you are needed in this hour as a Kingdom Harvester.

2.) Second, watch the short video clip below from our 2020 I ‘Still’ Can’t Come Down Conference and learn WHY Nehemiah moved from the posture of pause onto the Pathway of Purpose.

3.) Finally, take action! Make the call, send the email, sign up for the course, take the action that you know is necessary to go from a posture of pause to God’s Pathway of Purpose.

I know it can be scary, uncertain, and uncomfortable, but God is with you. God will go before you, but you must move. That is the step you can not skip.

P.s. If you are still feeling a bit stuck after reading this, pause for a quick moment and take the Focus IQ Quiz to help you with some next steps.