Today’s blog is brought to you by, Healing!

Have you ever met a homeless person who decided to never live in a home because someone in the home hurt them? There may be a few but most often, life circumstances have led them to this place and they would do anything to get back on a path and have a safe and warm home to live in.

Yet often, I find that people choose to distance themselves from the church or people within the church because of church hurt. I wanted to take a moment and share something on my heart regarding this topic as God has been giving me revelation and insight surrounding it for months. I have felt I needed to share it and finally had the time on a quiet ride in the car to do so. I am no expert on church hurt, I have walked and continue to walk through people hurt daily. Having to forgive and be forgiven, I am human. However, if something I say resonates with you (or someone you know), I encourage you to begin the tough conversation with God to move toward healing.

What does this have to do with walking in your purpose and assignment with focus? EVERYTHING my friend.

So, drive with me as I share and process through this idea of church hurt vs people hurt and a few other things.

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