Did you know that focus is a choice?

As we continue to adapt to the changing conditions around us, we can choose if we will be distracted or focused in each moment. Here is the catch, how we choose to focus today should not be based on how we chose to focus yesterday. Yesterday and today are not in competition with each other. I love track and although running is not my cup of tea, I get to be a track mom and watch my son, Darius, as he runs the 4×100 and the 4×400 relays. These two events, although similar, are not in competition with each other. He has to show up for each race with renewed focus and preparedness for the circumstances of that race, similar to each new day.

That said, I would like to share with you some tools to help you run this week’s race with greater focus. Here are 5 Simple Tips to Help you Focus:

  1. Define your Deadlines– We know we don’t like the feeling of being overwhelmed. Even a professional procrastinator has a cut-off point. Get clear on your needs and set a deadline for each task on the list that has caused you to delay in completing the entire project (and you know what task I am talking about, the one you are dreading, it’s time to get THAT one done).
  2. Determine your Destination– A weekend of relaxation, enjoying family time without thinking about your to-do list, a finished project, a promotion. What is the end goal that you desire to achieve? We can’t be focused if we don’t know the destination or have an end goal in sight.
  3. Set small wins along the way- We are not the energizer bunny. We aren’t made to just keep going and going. Setting markers and small goals along the way can really help you to gain the momentum you need to reach the finish line. It also helps you give yourself permission to take much-needed breaks along the way as you reach each milestone. Focus on small goals and celebrate small wins.
  4. Stop and Come back with a Fresh Mind- You can’t force focus. Sometimes we are simply out of creative juice and we need to give ourselves a mental break. Our brain is a muscle and it needs to rest like any other. An overworked brain is just as useless as an underworked brain. Take a short break, listen to something inspiring, take a nap, or look out the window at the beautiful scenery. Your brain will thank you by getting back focused.
  5. Get back on track– Don’t beat yourself up when your mind starts to drift. You are human. Just get back started and focus forward.

There are weeks that my focus is on 100 and other weeks that I have the focus of a 2-year old. I get it. However, one of the keys to starting out the week right is choosing to be aware of what we can do to start off strong. If you choose to implement one of these tools and find yourself more focused any day this week, You Are Winning.

I believe that you will have a focused week because 1 Corinthians 2:16 tells me that you can have the mind of Christ and he was very focused. So say aloud with me, ” I will have a focused and productive week.”


Rachel Scott

P.s. I want to celebrate with you when you accomplish the ‘thing’ you have been putting off. Send me a text and let me know how these tools helped you get something off your plate this week.


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