“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

Genesis 12:1

I love palm trees, sunny blue skies, summer dresses, and flip-flops. Unfortunately, where I live has grey clouds and requires snow boots, coats, and gloves 65% of the year.

Recently the topic of living in a warmer climate has been at the top of my list. My husband agrees that the conditions would be much more accommodating for us and our family, and since we both work from home, we really have nothing stopping us. Yet there are many things to consider that are not as simple.

Will we sell or rent our home? Is the market good? Where will we live? Will the new school system be good for our children? What about our elderly parents? What if the market in our industry changes? What if we don’t go, and then live with the regret that we didn’t?

The list goes on and on.

The unknown is risky and can be scary no matter how much knowledge we have at our fingertips. Wisdom and worry can be difficult to distinguish between in moments like this.

Relocation is a huge leap, and it’s just the one God called Abraham too. This leap I call The Shepherd leap because Abraham was not doing a career leap; he was staying within the same career but doing it in a different location . Abraham was a full-time shepherd so his leap was moving from one place to another with the security of his work but the uncertainty of what awaited him as he occupied new territory for God.

God tells Abraham, “Go to a place where I will show you.” I often hear people refer to this moment and use it as a reason to take a leap without direction or clarity. “Well, God didn’t tell Abraham where to go,” they would say. I’ve personally used this as a reason for leaps in the past and found myself in a mess. If we don’t understand that Abraham had provisions through being a shepherd and that what God was calling him to was new territory, we will use this scripture to inaccurately validate our lack of preparedness. God knew that He had to get Abraham out of the familiar to reveal His greater plan and vision for Abraham’s life and legacy.

The Shepherd’s leap is about going into new territory for something God wants to release to us. It’s about being entrusted with more because He knows we will make Him known in unfamiliar places.

If you are being called to The Shepherd’s leap, read the story of Abraham and begin to expect God to expand the vision He has given you as you walk in obedience to His calling.

Are you being called to take a Shepherds Leap? If so, what feelings do you have that need to be surrendered to God surrounding this Leap? Share them with me in the blog comment section.

Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott




Rachel is a wife and a mother, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs. As the Founder of the I Can’t Come Down movement, an organization dedicated to helping women walk in their purpose and assignment with focus, she is a former Huffington post contributor and current Youversion and Moody Radio Cleveland Partner. She is also part of The Well Communicators a faith-based speaking team.

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections.

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