I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” -Psalm 37:25

It started off as a perfect morning. Children off to school on time with delicious lunches packed. Amazing quiet time with God. Husband headed to his second week at his new job. And I was getting ready to have a nice calm day at home filled with worship and work.

I pulled into the driveway, opened the garage, and hung up the phone with my husband just in time to let the productivity begin. Walking into the house, I was reminded that my kitchen needed cleaning but had decided I’d work on it after checking some emails. As I headed toward the living room I heard a loud boom. My heart dropped and my first thought was that something had caught fire or blown up.

Quickly, I ran back through the kitchen and glanced toward the window where I now saw smoke coming from the side of the house. The house must have been on fire! I grabbed my purse, keys, and cellphone off the table and ran out into the cold, snowy day. Looking to my left, I saw the most unexpected sight. A car in the side of my house. I thought I was dreaming. Was this really happening?

It’s so easy to say what you would do in that situation until it occurs.

So many thoughts ran through my mind. Was the car about to blow up? Was the person okay? How did this happen?

I called the police right away as I slowly began to move in the direction of the car. The person wasn’t moving. Snow hitting my calf and concern gripping my heart. What was I about to see? Was the person alive? Then she moved. Her look of confusion and pure disbelief gave my heart much-needed relief. She rolled the window down as I yelled to her ,”Are you okay?” ” Yes.” She exclaimed. “Please call for help.”

I could tell she didn’t want me to inch much closer but knew she needed help.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the police, ambulance, fire department, and everyone else in the world came. For hours, I sat in my car while people from cities all around came to investigate and make sure the house was not about to collapse.

This scene only happens on TV, until it happens in real life.

When my husband made it to the house, I was so relieved and thankful for him to take over. He handled it all like a pro. Before becoming a , his career was property management. So he had dealt with scenes like this before. Never imagining it would be him, but he knew what to do and all the mumble-jumble they were talking about.

Finally, right around the time I had to pick up the kids from school, things started to calm down. Telling them was a bit challenging but they handled it very well.

Since then, life has looked quite different but hasn’t slowed down one bit. As a matter of fact, some of my greatest ministry moments to date have occurred in this very season.

Can I tell you, I didn’t imagine quarter 1 of this year going anything like this. I definitely needed some time to process it all. But once I had my ugly cry moment and prayed with a sister in Christ who too was in a season of an unexpected home transition, I was ready to start moving forward.

That said, there are some valuable lessons that I have learned and am learning in this season that I want to share with you in the next post.

But before I do, I would love for you to tell me in the blog comments what scripture encourages you when you find yourself in unexpected seasons of transition?

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