“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

Last week, I had the most amazing time with my sisters and our husbands. We stayed up laughing and talking about moments from our childhood one day and went on a triple date to a local board game cafe and restaurant the next.

But those moments of enjoyment didn’t start there. Actually, it had been several years since we’d all gotten together. Life was busy for all of us with raising children, marriage, and the demand of work. One sister, Denise, is an entrepreneur specializing in interior home design and home rehabilitation. The other sister, Leah, is a . And of course I am navigating and helping people . We were completely consumed with life and unintentionally lost our deeply knit connection.

However, at the beginning of 2021, my older sister, Denise, (I am the baby of the family for the record) facilitated a reset. One day, she sent a text for us to come together for a weekly sisters’ chat. We all agreed on a day and time. Then she sent us a google invite to set a weekly appointment on our calendars.

Each week we meet on facetime. There are no agendas except for us to spend time together. Sometimes we have deep conversations and other times we sit on the phone while one of us orders coffee, and talks through the intercom to the barista without hitting mute (I won’t say any names, Leah). Those moments turn into non-stop laughter and are just as meaningful and important to the growth of our sisterhood. Had we chosen to focus on the regret of the time we didn’t spend in our yesterdays, we would have missed the beautiful moments we were given today.

The beauty of relationships that are , is that when they call for a reset, we simply pick up from where we left off or begin from where we are.

The same is true in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. When we are ready to go from regret to rest, He is ready too. So, how do we get from Regret to Reset in our relationship with our Heavenly Father?

Here are 3 Ways to go from Regret to Reset:

1.) Reassess our Expectations- Take a moment and consider what expectations have you placed on yourself that may or may not be fitting for this season of life? How is God telling you to shift these expectations?

2.) Redefine Devotion- The word is defined as, “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” With this in mind, as we think about the things we want or need to devote our time and attention to, consider how that may need to be redefined to facilitate the relationship we desire to have with our Heavenly Father.

3.) Focus on the Cross- As we focus on the cross of Jesus Christ, we are reminded that God wants a relationship with us. When our time with him begins to wane, He isn’t sitting there saying, “Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up for our quiet time together today.” Instead, He is the friend who says, “Hey, {{ subscriber.first_name }}, I am so glad to see you. What have you been up to,” as if we never missed a beat. Our choice to focus on the cross means that we will always be able to reset where we may have regressed.

Regret is a powerful emotion, but a reset is even more powerful. In the blog comments, let me know which one of these 3 tools will help you to move from regret to reset.