But Moses again pleaded, “Lord, please! Send anyone else.

Exodus 4:13 (NLT)

When I was a young girl, I would sit on the living room floor in front of the big brown box television completely mesmerized by the 4 hour VHS film of Moses. My dad, sitting in his chair, would alternate between reading his bible and glancing at the screen as sounds of bible history filled the room. During the movie, I often found myself imagining how different my life would be had I lived in the bible days. No matter how many times I watched it, there was one particular scene that always captivated me and snatched me from daydreaming into reality.

The scene of Moses holding the 10 Commandments on top of the mountain.

I loved that scene.

In it, his face glowed with radiance from his Mountain top encounter with God which was perfectly depicted through the tv screen. At that moment, Moses seemed like one of the most brave, courageous, obedient servants of God.

And he was. However, to my surprise, as I started to study the word I quickly learned that this servant of God didn’t start out this way.

Moses, the one who God used to threaten Pharaoh, lead the Israelites out of Egypt, part the Red Sea and deliver the Ten Commandments, spends a chapter and a half in the book of Exodus trying to convince God that he was not the man for the job. With excuse after excuse, Moses made every effort to get out of God’s request to help set his people free.

We finally get to the moment of truth in Exodus 4:13 where Moses says,

“Lord, please! Send anyone else.”

But God knew that he couldn’t become Moses the man on the Mountain without first overcoming Moses, the man running from the mountain.

Here is the thing, often, our mountains in life represent our missions in life, and running from mission is something, I believe, we have all done at one point or another. Some of us, are doing that right now because we feel that the thing God has asked us to do is difficult and will require us to return to people and places that we dread. Or to do something that we feel ill-equipped or unqualified to do.

But the God who created us knows our capabilities and our capacity and he calls us on mission with that in mind.

Throughout this series, we will learn, like Moses, what it looks like to move in the mission God has given us even when we are not motivated. I would love for you to share in the blog comment what mission God is calling you to fulfill.