“For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.” John 6:38

Oftentimes as we go from what is familiar to the unfamiliar, we tend to envision what could go wrong rather than planning for what could go right. It’s like our minds are always pushing out new information to us that does not serve our hopes but rather our fears. In moments like this, we have to be intentional to take every thought captive. Our minds will lie to us and tell us stories that have never happened or won’t happen, but it plays on the possibility of what could be coming and that becomes the narrative that leads us.

I have learned that everything God tells us to do has a reward on this side of heaven or eternity and that the reward is always greater than the risk.

When we say yes to God, it is because we love Him, and we recognize that He is a good Father Who has good intentions for us. He is not setting us up for failure. He is preparing us for favor, but we must first trust Him and make the first step.

This leads me to my final leap of the five: The Trailblazer leap. The Trailblazer is the person who has already done all four of the leaps and is now able to lead the way for others. The greatest example of a person who took this leap is Jesus.

Jesus took The Shepherd’s leap when He relocated from heaven to earth.

He was The Tentmaker when He performed miracles before His time and sent His disciples to do ministry on His behalf.

He took The Fisherman leap when He walked away from His family business as a carpenter to go into full-time ministry.

And He took The Builder leap when He returned to His Father after He had finished His work here on earth.

He is the ultimate example of what it means to live a lifestyle of leaping! The Trailblazer leap is our constant reminder that since Jesus already went from heaven to earth on our behalf, all the other leaps are for our good and that as a Christian, leaping is a lifestyle.

Because of Jesus, we can leap without fear of failure because every leap He tells us to make will turn out for our good.

Today, I encourage you to make leaping a lifestyle. Just like we read in 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love because perfect love casts out all fear.” So leap like a child who knows that even if they fall, they will fall into the arms of a loving father.

It’s time to Take the leap!

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Rachel G. Scott

Rachel G. Scott




Rachel is a wife and a mother, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been featured nationally and internationally on television, podcast, radio, devotionals, and blogs. As the Founder of the I Can’t Come Down movement, an organization dedicated to helping women walk in their purpose and assignment with focus, she is a former Huffington post contributor and current Youversion and Moody Radio Cleveland Partner. She is also part of The Well Communicators a faith-based speaking team.

Rachel is deeply devoted to serving God, loving and honoring her husband and raising her children in a Godly home where they experience authenticity and learn to embrace their imperfections.

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